The Lost Book of Nostradamus

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Quatrain Century 4
Prophecy: On the seventh dawn of the seventh day; a twice-blessed man will roam the fields. Doomed to shadows with his brethren; or savior to all who walk the ground.
Episode: Subject 117
Synapsis: Cade Foster is a security salesman who finds himself entangled in a web of alien experiments and conspiracies in which his wife is murdered and he is convicted of the crime.
Rating ****(Powerful ending)

Quatrain Century
Prophecy: From leagues away shall they arrive and reign blind terror upon all man. An empty vessel for their soul, their wretched beauty sleeps no more
Episode: Crazy Eddie
Synapsis: After escaping from an alien controlled mental institution, Cade Foster travels to Potomac Maryland in search of Crazy Eddie Nambalous an eccentric and paranoid editor of a web site called the Paranoid Times.
Rating ****

Quatrain 6 Century 8
Prophecy: Where ivory towers meet the eastern sea young trees of knowledge will fall. Crushed by the thorny vine of a red rose.
Episode: Mata Hari
Synapsis: After getting wind of plans for planatary defense satalites programmed by the students of an Ivy league college the aliens send a beautiful telepathic woman to destoy the satalites and the students programming them.
Rating ***

Quatrain 45 Century 3
Prophecy: The trixter seeds the mind with paralyzing terror bearing false witness to the bitter truth at hand.
Episode: Hypnotic
Synapsis: Following up on this quatrain Cade sets out to destroy an alien experiment whose targets consists of alien abductees seeking counseling.
Rating ****(My personal favorite)

Quatrain 13 Century
Prophecy: The younger woman will surmount the old before the lusty hearts of many men. The precious drops quench the thirst of time before the ugly truth shall take itís toll.
Episode: Elixer
Synapsis: According to onlookers in a small town a woman went from twenty to about 100 while dance for a couple of men and Cade wants to know how.
Review ****(Loved this ep now if only they'd show it again so I could tape it)

Quatrain 11 Century 2
Prophecy: The starborn one will fly into the hearts of many with promises of salvation but vanity will destroy his purpose and bring vengeance from his own.
Episode: Speaking In Tongues
Synapsis: It this heart felt tragedy(notice my sarcasm)an alien starts a cult in which he warns his followers of the coming invasion. Needless to say his leaders aren't to thrilled about that.
Review ***

Quatrain 32 Century 9
Prophecy: The fish that travels land and sea will be cast up on shore by a great wave and pestilence from the sky shall drive multitudes into the ocean. Episode: Lungfish
Synapsis: Cade follows up a tabloid story in which a boy claim to have found a bass that breathes air. Could this be another one of those pesky alien experiments? Cade's going to check it out despite Eddie's warning of a dead end.
Rating **(It wasn't the best ep but I loved them all)

Quatrain 42 Century 6
Prophecy: The dark craft shall slay the dragon conjured by the humble raven. Justice shall be blind to history until windswept leaves return to the barren trees.
Episode: Book of Shadows
Synapsis: Cade goes undercover as an investigative attorney on a case based upon the old Salem witch trial. Here's the gaff my friends, this time the witch might be an alien, then again maybe not.
Rating ****(Peachy ep I loved the chanting and was that Eddie out of the trailer)

Quatrain 88 Century 9
Prophecy: Their doom was sealed at the gate; steel chariots vanished into still clear nights. Glorious terrain left undefended till the river changes course.
Episode: Marker 262
Synapsis: The aliens have done it again! This time a quantum pocket gets all the blame for misplacing a few speeding cars and their drivers over the years. Cade must put a stop to this.
Rating ***(It only got three stars cause it had more Eddie than usual.)

Quatrain 20 Century 4
Prophecy: The unseen mistress drives her slave mad in a mansion of many rooms where waves ripple within.
Episode: Motel California
Synapsis: Talk about those dreams you just can't wake up from, oops my fault I'm awake. Cade checks into this motel where a wealthy businessman has lost his mind. Soon Cade finds out why as violent hallucinations take him on a joyride.
Rating ****(Stellar performances and do I denote a touch of psychic powers here)

Quatrain 78 Century 10
Prophecy: The Cheshire breed is spawned an intertwining battleground dominance attained without a ship set sail.
Episode: Breeding Ground
Cade travels to a Boston private highschool masquerading as a gym teacher and track coach in order to make sense of this quatrain.Well you know a little (alien)gene therapy never hurt anyone.
Rating ***

Quatrain 32 Century 5
Prophecy: Pillars of light will fall with serpents coiled in their heads. Twelve Lords and Ladies of the empire will be devoured by the darkness or spared by the fruit of golden hue.
Episode: Blue Agave
Foster travel to New York the city that never sleeps to visit an old friend. The aliens have set up shop in a popular nightclub visited frequently by the creme de la creme of New York and by his old friend. When a worm crawls out of a prominent lawyers ear Cade has a few questions that need answering.
Rating ****(I loved the music and Susan Tannon is an idol for all women)

Quatrain 28 Century 5
Prophecy: When Jezebel enters the village, her steps shall shake foundations. With her venomous flower, she breaks chains of steel
Episode: Cul de Sac
Synapsis: On the word of some kid in a small suburban town Cade investigate a promiscuous neighbor who just might be an alien.
Rating **(Don't look at me like that I am entitled to my own opinion)

Quatrain Century
Prophecy: One man seeks a leap to the distant stars through the rift on the Northwest Sea. A forbidden love finds a safe shore and removes battle lines between foes.
Episode: The Undesirables
Synapsis: While Joshua roams the land killing the bad apples of his clan. Cade and Eddie bury the book and decipher this quatrain which leads them to a scientist who knows about the aliens and an alien who has fallen in love with him.
Rating ****(Four stars fine holiday fun. I especially like the drunk and cynical Cade Foster)

Quatrain 34 Century 2
Prophecy: A vision of destruction appears near the throne. And struggle to reign supreme begins. An approaching storm unchecked, he tests the mettle of all men.
Episode: Second Wave
A man suspecting his wife of adultery follows her into the woods one night and snaps some pictures of a UFO and emails Eddie. Cade comes to investigate the veracity of the photos is lured in to an experiment to determine what would happen if the aliens attacked.
Rating *(Cade was way off center here)

Quatrain 12 Century 5
Prophecy: Where angels touch grace, one without sight sees the dark enemy. At the right hand of the twice-blessed man, the ally leads him to the summit.
Episode: Blind Witness
Synapsis: A cross between HellRaiser and The Ressurected this episode is filled with classic horror film attributes. Cade is on the search for someone Nostradamus predicted could see the dark enemy. The search takes Cade to an LA hospital to meet up with a blind patient named Alyinka but the doctors' bedside manner is so bad that they borrow limbs without the permission of their patients. Anyone need new cornias watch out Cade I heard the doctor say you have beautiful eyes.
Rating ****(I love the dark scary scenes and all the dripping @@@, I'm not going to tell u what was dripping)

Quatrain 64 Century 8
Prophecy: The slayer flees to the shadow of Olympus where a motherís tears washes away ties to Rome. Fear extracts vain sacrifice until the raging pyre of the deluge is quenched.
Episode: Deluge
Synapsis: A rainy night an in the neighborhood of some druid preist can you say human candleabra. Cade tracks this quatrian to an escape killer who disappeared from this little town where it never stops raining and the tenants sacrifice each other to appease the Gods. Could the aliens be behind this or do we just chalk it up to hokie religion
Rating: ***(One group of witches is good enough for one season. But I liked it)

Quatrain 30 Century 4
Prophecy: Where chariots of iron are forged, sweet youth cries revolt over a bitter melody. The poison song taints mind and soul spread by air across the land.
Episode: Melody
Synapsis: Rage rock makes it's appearance and the city of Detriot will never be the same as the teenagers go on a rage campagne for violence. Cade thinks the band members are all aliens so he takes a ride to check it out.
Rating:****(My best friend love this ep cause her name is Melody)

Quatrain 5 Century 81
Prophecy: Dusk will become dawn and the man twice-blessed will be resurrected. The follower will beckon him to the great war ahead.
Episode: Aftertime
Synapsis: Cade gets killed in the teaser. WHAT THE @*@! Oh ok. A beautiful time traveler come from the future to save Cade's life in order to change her past, while Cade tries to find out what's a the disk a juvinile has downloaded and why Joshua would kill him over it.
Rating ****(What was the deal with Eddie and the makeup case)

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