Crazy Eddie

Amsa and Dean enter Deanís apartment.
Dean: Casa mia.
Amsa: Itís nice.
(Amsa looks around the apartment and picks up a salt shaker while Dean turns on his computer to check his email. He types in his password and his email begins to download. He turns to see what the beautiful blond girl is doing. Amsa stared at him coyly. Dean pours them a glass of whiskey)
Dean: Cheers.
(They drink)
Dean: What?
Amsa: I donít do this very often.
Dean: What drink whiskey from a dusty glass?
Amsa: Come to a manís house just after meeting him.
Dean: Yeah, well Iím harmless.
Amsa: Yeah Dean, sure you are.
(They stare at each other while inching towards one another until Amsa goes to sit on a nearby couch. Dean leans on his computer stand)
Amsa: Nice equipment.
(Dean smiles and turns to look at his computer setup)
Dean: Yeah, Iím a web head.
Amsa: That explains my attraction. (Slides her shoes off)
Amsa: Iíve always had a thing for surfers.
Dean: I write for the uh, Paranoid Times.
Amsa: Cool, Iíve got that site book marked.
Dean: Iím doing the lead story there this month. Here let me show you.
(Amsa unbuttons her shirt slightly. Dean starts to read an email from Eddie)
Amsa: Hey surfer boyÖhow bout I wax your board.
(Dean stops talking and turns to look at Amsa. He walks over to her and begins to kiss her. Looking uninterested she moans and runs her fingers through his hair. Meanwhile the email begins to down load, it read: Hey man I hacked into the cloning labs computers. Whatever you stole they want back. Theyíve sent someone to get you. Youíre in danger. They know where you are. You gotta find a place to hide! Be careful, Dean. They want to kill you! Scramble your data. Youíre in danger. Get Out! Amsaís face flashes as she snaps Deanís neck. After an alien screech and another face flash Amsa sighs and relaxes back on the couch as Deanís lifeless body hits the floor. End of the teaser)

A truck rides into a truck stop carrying Cade on its roof.
Cade: On the run for the past 22 days. Borrowed five grand from my uncle Harry. Been using cover identities to stay one step ahead of the law.
(Cade climbs down noticing the police he carefully sneaks away from the rest stop.)
Cade: I anonymously contacted the F.B.I, C.I.A. and the Department of Defense about the alien experiment that killed my wife. As expected, no response. When youíre wanted for murder every move is critical. The wrong move could be fatal. As is the life of a hunted man. This is my life. Iím Cade Foster.
(Cade walks alone down a deserted street.)
Cade: I use to believe that little green men belonged on the supermarket tabloids next to the latest sighting of Elvis but now I know differently. The aliens are here and if Iím going to clear myself of this murder chargeÖ(holding a paper that reads: Paranoid times believe the unbelievable, The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald)
Cade: Iíve got to let people know. Iíve come to Potomac Maryland in search of a man known as Crazy Eddie. He publishes a web page on the internet called the Paranoid Times. A document that seeks to expose the evil conspiracies and dirty little secrets of those who hold power. The mast head on Crazy Eddieís web page say, believe the unbelievable. If anyone ever needed a believerÖitís me.
(Cade knocks on the door a few time and begins searching around the trailer, looking through the windows and near a the car. When suddenly Eddie pops out with a saber to Cadeís neck.)
Eddie: Iíll shish-kebob your throat you donít raise you hands.
Cade: Eddie Nambulous publisher of paranoid press?
Eddie: Shut up, I ask the questions.(getting out of the car while holding the saber towards Cadeís neck)
Eddie: What are you doing here?
Cade: I got a story I thought you might be interested in.
Eddie: Iíve been diagnosed with acute paranoid disorder, so sneaking up on me is a very bad idea. How the hell did you find my location?
Cade: Met a hacker in Michigan. Five shots of tequila and he fessed up your locale.
Eddie: That damned Nicky Owens, lush.
(Cade pulls an article of Paranoid Times out of his pocket)
Cade: This article about cloning has similarities to my own story. Thatís why I came.
(Eddie, spears the article)
Eddie: Youíre not here to kill me?
Cade:(shaking his head) I need your help.
(Cade notices a cop car patrolling the area and shrieks back slightly)
Cade: Can we talk inside.
(Eddie notices Cadeís strange behavior)
Eddie: whatís your name?
Cade: Nameís Cade Foster, my wife was killed and replaced by a clone. I was framed for her murder.
Eddie: Why should I trust you?
Cade: You shouldnít, youíre paranoid.
Cade: I saw my wifeís clone. HeyÖtrust me youíre gonna wanna hear my story.
Eddie: Letís go inside. (Eddie never lowers the saber until they reach the door of the trailer)
Cade: Nice saber.
Eddie: Sword that killed Lincoln.
Cade: Lincoln was shot.
Eddie: Thatís what they tell you.
(Inside the trailer)
Cade: I was one of 117 subjects in an experiment designed to test human will.
(Eddie offers Cade a Jolt cola, Cade declines with a wave of his hand)
Cade: They stole our money, killed our loved one, and destroyed our lives. I think I was the only one who survived.
Eddie: Who do you think is behind the experiment? C.I.A.?
Cade: No.
Eddie: F.B.I., N.S.C.?
Cade: No, I donít think soÖ
Eddie: Defense department, Clandestine black chopper Units?
Cade: Think it was aliens.
(Eddie snickers)
Eddie: For a second there you really had me going.
Cade: What are you talking about half your back issues are about aliens thatís part of the reason I came.
Eddie: I was wrong. That whole truth is out there b.s. is just a government scheme to keep our attention away from the real crap thatís going on right under our noses.
Cade: Like what?
Eddie: Big brother man. Control the population through cloning, brainwashing, secret societies, devaluation of currency. You name it.
Cade: Why would the government run cloning labs?
Eddie: To make duplicate Lee Harvey Oswalds.
Cade: Oswalds?
Eddie: The story Dean Hormeth was investigating. Broke into a government cloning lab. Stole a piece of evidence.(Eddie tries to open up his file cabinet .)
Eddie: Warned him he was in danger and havenít seen him in three days. (none of his keys seem to work. )
Eddie: Dammit!
Cade: Allow me.
(Cade takes a paper clip and picks the lock)
Eddie: Pretty handy talent.
(Eddie searches through his files after finding it he lays it on the cabinet for Cade to have a look but not before he locks his file cabinet back. Cade spots a card with Deanís address on it and swipes it.)
Eddie: thatís the file Dean Hormeth brought me. Heís my top writer. Somewhere around here a government cloning lab has been growing human bodies for a long, long time. Somehow, Dean found that lab and he may have solved the most mysterious US assignation of the 20th century. The lone nut theory, hogwash. There were six sightings of Lee Harvey on the day that Kennedy was assassinated. CubaÖ MoscowÖ WashingtonÖ MiamiÖ DallasÖand Poughkeepsie, NY.
Cade: Are you saying, these Oswalds were manufactured around here.
Eddie: Dean never told me the location.
Cade: Well can we go to his house? Can we check it out?
Eddie: Iím not doing anything with you. Itís alien hunters like you that give guys like me a bad rep. Why donít you stop watching the X-Files and get yourself a life.
(Cade grabs Eddie by the collar and slams him against a nearby wall.)
Cade: I got no where to go Eddie! Now I need your help!
Eddie: Get your hands off me! I work alone! I donít like you, I donít trust you, and I donít believe in you. Iím not gonna drop all my important work and pick up some cockamamie stories about little green men.
(Almost on the verge of tears Cade slowly turns looks down on the file cabinet and points to the Paranoid Times mast head: Believe the Unbelievable. He grabs his things and angrily goes out the trailer door slamming it behind him.)
Eddie: (mockingly) Aliens.

(In front of Deanís apartment building.)
Cade: Eddie says Dean stole something from the cloning lab. Iím curious to know what that something is. If Eddie wonít tell me, maybe Dean will.(Cade enters the building stopping to look at the wires surrounding Deanís apartment door.)
Cade: Some high-tech security Dean.(Cade snips the wires, picks the lock and goes inside. Deanís place has been ransacked obviously some one else was looking for something.)
Cade: Nice decorating.
(Meanwhile Amsa strolls up to Eddieís trailer)
(Back at Deanís Cade thoroughly check the messy apartment for something out of the ordinary)
Amsa: (to Eddie)My car just broke down on the overpass. I was just wondering if I could use your phone to call a tow truck.
(Cade continues to search Deanís apartment, he runs a metal pin across some aerosol cans noticing one has a deeper sound he picks it up to see if it has been altered. Cade unscrews the bottom and finds a metal case and inside is a round silver sporadically glowing orb)
(Back at Eddieís)
Amsa: I donít know what it is, men just turn me on.
Eddie: Well please, donít turn off.
Amsa: Youíre very cute.
Eddie: Cute usually isnít in the lexicon terms used to describe me.
Amsa: Dean said you were cute.
Eddie: You know Dean?
Amsa: He wants you to give me what he stole.
Eddie: Oh my God.
(Amsa clutches Eddieís throat.)
Amsa: Give me the orb and I might let you live.
(Cade enters the trailer)
Cade: Cut the foreplay sweetheart.(Amsaís face flashes the signature alien flash)
Amsa: Useless. (She releases Eddie and rushes past Cade knocking him to the floor of the trailer.)
Cade: Where do you think youíre goingÖhuh!(Amsa turns and attacks Cade grabbing him around the neck and lifting him one handed up the side of the trailer)
Amsa: You just donít know when to quit do you? Maybe you have what Iím looking for.(Cade struggles to reach the saber implanted in the ground while Amsa hold him in the air. Clutching the saber finally Cade cuts off one of Amsaís arm which send Cade falling down to his feet panting heavily. Eddie comes out of the trailer as the arm disintegrates. Amsa calmly turns and walks away.)
Cade: You still donít believe in aliens buddy?
Eddie: What did she want?
Cade: Maybe she was looking for this. (showing Eddie the orb)
Eddie: Foster, she was beautiful.
Cade: She wasnít human pal. You see her face flash when I walked in?
Eddie: What are you talking about?
Cade: You saw her arm disappear right?
Eddie: The C.I.A. has a toxin that can make flesh dissolve.
Cade: Whatever. Why was she after this thing?
Eddie: Well clearly itís part of the cloning process. Metal alloy shell, smooth surface.
Cade: High-tech golf ball?
Eddie: Very funny.
Cade: This thing was glowing a minute ago. Let see if we can find out what it does.

(At the cloning lab)
Anton: The orb they stole holds the consciousness of Joshua. These fools have one of our most powerful leaders in their hands and they donít even know it.(Anton places an orb in the mechanism holding Amsa)
Anton: It was a mistake for you to get Joshua.
Amsa: I would have succeeded if that man hadnít interrupted.
Anton: Well you did not succeed. So weíve had to prepare new human husk to replace the arm that you lost.(Anton places the pins attached to the mechanism into the sides of Amsaís head.)
Amsa: Effect the transfer.
(Back at Eddieís)
Cade: Sometimes it glows and sometimes it doesnít. Look at this, radio emissions are off the scale.
Eddie: How come you got an r.f. detector? You into electronics?
Cade: I use to be a thief.
Eddie: Of course you were.
(Cade looks up at Eddie and the R.F converter blows up causing Cade to drop it and jump back.)
Cade: Wild guess, itís an energy source.
Eddie: Well not a normal one.
Cade: Did Dean say where he got this thing from?
Eddie: Eh, Dean would never reveal the source.
Cade: Well, if this is an alien technology or a Lee Harvey Oswald battery pack weíve got to get this thing to the authorities.
Eddie: Just who might these authorities be?
Cade: F.B.I , pentagon, National Security Council. Some one who can tell us where this thing comes from.
Eddie: Youíre a wanted murderer, Iíve been hacking into government computers since I was thirteen. How far do you think weíll get?
Cade: The alternative.
Eddie: I got an idea.

(Back at the cloning lab. Anton activates the machine)
Computer: Downloading Amsa one memory essence. Amsaís human body slumps motionless against the contraption holding it up.)
Computer: Binary download complete. (Anton removes the or and places it in the next mechanism where a new body waits for the Amsa consciousness. Once complete the new Amsa awakes.)
Computer: Uploading Amsa-2 memory essence. Binary upload complete.
Anton: Amsa, are you conscious?
Amsa: Yes neural function complete.(Anton helps Amsa down and puts a robe on her. She looks curiously at the body she once resided in)

(Back at Eddieís)
Eddie: (lifting Cadeís bag): Hereís your little bag of tricks. (The contents of the bag spill out onto the floor)
Eddie: Sorry. (He notices the Nostradamus book)
Eddie: Whereíd you get this.
Cade: There was another guy Mayhew. He was part of the same experiment. He killed himself. I found that manuscript buried on his property.
Eddie: These look like original verses of Nostradamus. If these are authentic, they could be worth a bundle.
Eddie: (reading) On the seventh dawn of the seventh day a twice-blessed man will roam the fields. Doomed to shadows with his brethren or savior to all who walk the ground.
Eddie: I thought Iíd read every quatrain that Nostradamus ever wrote, but never these.
Cade: He found it in Normandy.
Eddie: Normandy? 1564, Nostradamus is nearly blind but his powers are at their height. He retreats to mountain monastery, where he writes prophecies for the next millennium. His greatest work. The book vanishes. Some say it was burned in a fire. Others that it was stolen by a secret organization known as the ďIlluminatiĒ.
Cade: Who are they.
Eddie: They are the puppet masters who control the banking system and every world government.(shows Cade the cover with the all seeing eye in the center of a triangle)
Eddie: This is their symbol. Donít you get it Foster. This could be the lost Nostradamus.

(Back at the lab)
Amsa: I wonít fail this time.
Anton: Youíre not going.
Amsa: Joshuaís important to me Anton.
Anton: Your job is to oversee the transfer
Amsa: Have you ever lost someone? Canít you understand my dilemma. Those humans have Joshua.
Anton: Let me get Joshua. Your responsibility is to the mission.
Amsa: Youíre right. Please bring him back.
Anton: Iíve already grown a very special husk our friend Dean Hormeth

(Cade and Eddie walk down a street)
Cade: So who is this guy?
Eddie: Roland Kelso, PhD. in neuroscience he studies orphans and mammalian brains.
Cade: o what is he some kind of animal shrink.
Eddie: His lab of sophisticated equipment will help us analyze exactly what makes our little golf ball tick. Back in 82í the government ran an experiment to use dolphins as delivery systems for nuclear warheads, Roland trained the dolphins for two years.
Cade: What a guy. How do you know him.
Eddie: He needed me to hack into government files to prove the experiment existed of the program.
Cade: To expose the government?
Eddie: No, to blackmail the government. Look in the dictionary under greedy youíll see a picture of Roland.
(Inside Kelsoís office)
Kelso: I put the object in a tank with a dense electromagnetic field. I measured the energy fluctuationsÖ itís amazing.
Eddie: What did you find?
Kelso: Well, the electrical discharges take the form of alpha rhythms.
Cade: Speak English will huh.
Eddie: An electroencephalogram gives you a reading of the minds overall electrical activity.
Roland: Let see just how smart this thing really is. I donít know where you gentleman got this thing but I can bet it wasnít legal. Iím fifty, fifty for the patent or Iíll have the law all over your necks. The wave patterns spike like a human brain only stronger.
Eddie: Larger brain capacity?
Kelso: An artificial intelligence that mimics the human brain. Aw no computer can do that. Do you know what the computer industry would pay for that. Think of the applications. Itís like having a working brain in the palm of your hand.
Cade: Who could have manufactured something like this.
Kelso: None of the majors I would have heard about it
Kelso: If this thing was manufactured than we could recreate it. The financial potential is astounding.
Cade: Thatís not what we had in mind.
Kelso: Well then youíre a fool.
Eddie: Roland!
Kelso: I can get development money.
Cade: We need to find out who manufactured this and where.
Kelso: We need to manufacture it ourselves.
Cade: You donít understand.
Eddie: Roland the graph is spiking.
Kelso: You are not cutting me out buddy.
(Kelso grabs the orb as Cade rushes toward his)
Cade: No.
Kelso:(possessed) Effect the transfer. Effect the transfer.
(Kelso collapses to the ground. Eddie checks on his friend)
Eddie: Heís okay. Heís okay. (Cade sneaks up on the orb trapping it in its case)

Eddie: The Buddhist believe in the reincarnation of the soul from one animal shell to another.
Cade: What are you saying Eddie? This thing is some sort of alien delivery system a fed-ex from outer space?
Eddie: Thereís no proof that this is alien in origin. Roland said it was mechanical.
Cade: Well maybe Roland was wrong.
Eddie: Look Iíve seen classified KGB documents that describe a mechanical device used to create six different Lee Harvey Oswalds.
Cade: Enough with the Oswalds.
(Walking up to Deanís place)
Eddie: Why are we going back to Deanís?
Cade: We need to find the cloning lab Eddie and Dean knew the address.
(Inside Deanís)
Eddie: What the hell happened here?
Cade: This is how I found the place.
(Eddie turns on Deanís computer)
Eddie: Memoryís shot. All the files have been deleted.
Cade: We gotta find the address to the lab. You think he would have left any paper evidence?
Eddie: No way man, paperís for dinosaurs.(Dean walks in the door)
Eddie: Dean.
Anton: (in the Dean husk)What the hell are you doing?
Eddie: Where you been?
Anton: (mechanically)Eddie, what are you doing here?
Eddie: I was worried about you. You didnít return my email. I thought somebody offed you. (Cade slowly circles to the back of the room.)
Anton: Been on the trail man this storyís bigger than big.(Eddie laughs)
Eddie: I know, I know man. Wait till you hear whatís been going on.(Dean looks over at Cade)
Eddie: Sorry, thatís Cade fellow traveler.
Anton: He okay.
Eddie: YeahÖ
Anton: Gotta show you some equipment I snared from the lab.
Eddie: Cade already found it.
Anton: Mind if I get it back? Where is it?
Cade: Hey Dean, uhÖ you always leave your place looking like this? Itís kind of weird donít you think? You didnít even mention your house was trashed.
Eddie: Whatís your problem Foster.
Cade: What happened to your paranoid instinct Eddie, this isnít Dean.
Eddie: What are you talking about?
(Alien Dean(Anton) lunges at Cade grabbing him by the neck and bending him over a near by cabinet.)
Anton: Where is it?
Eddie: Hey Dean, Dean take it easy.
(Alien Dean elbows Eddie knocking him to the ground while still choking Cade.
Anton: Give me the orb.
Cade: Eddie!
Anton: Now, give me the orb!
(Eddie sticks a plug into alien Deanís neck(signature face flash)and plugs the other end into the socket electrocuting the alien who consequently dissolves.)
Eddie: Die alien scum.
(Cade panting stands in time to see dean dissolve)
Eddie: Always wanted to say that.
Cade: They donít like to leave evidence lying around do they.
Eddie: That self annihilation is pretty clever.
Cade: Thanks Eddie.
Eddie: Youíre welcome.
(Outside in the parking lot)
Eddie: This is the Dean machine. He loved this car. Hey breaking and entering is a class A felony.
Cade: Well I wonít tell if you donít.(Cade opens the door to the car. Cade enters and begins searching Deanís car.)
Cade: Look for anything that might me an address. Parking receipt anything.
Cade: Nothing. Nothing.
Eddie: Paranoia is a lonely business.
Cade: Even if we find the lab, theyíll just think weíre madmen.
Eddie: Foster, sometimes madmen turn out to be prophets.
Cade:(grabbing a small device from the armrest) Whatís this?
Eddie: That is a G.P.S
Cade: Whatís a G.P.S.?
Eddie: Global Positioning System. Itís going to tell us where this car has been. Move, move come on.(Eddie and Cade switch positions)
Cade: What the hell is that?
Eddie: Itís a modified nine mark, it a digital cellular connection hooked up to my computer back home. Itís got more power than most small countries.(Eddie hooks up the GPS)
Eddie: Letís see where this babyís been.
Cade: Iíll it give us an address?
Eddie: Elementary my dear Watson. (reading the map)Thatís his gym. Thatís his office. Presto! 2113 Korman Drive.(Cade for the first time in this episode smiles)
Cade: Yes, Eddie. Yes.
(In the trailer Cade stares at a picture of Hannah)
Eddie: Okay, Iíve got my camera, ready to go.
Cade: Her name was Hannah.
Eddie: Sheís beautiful.
Cade: Yeah. (puts the photo away)
Cade: You ready?
Eddie: Letís do it.

(They pull up outside the cloning lab)
Cade: Iím just warning you, you gotta watch out. These people are ruthless, Iíve watched them work. There isnít anything that they wonít do.
Eddie: I donít mind admitting that Iím very, very frightened right now.
Cade: Iíll go alone. (Cade gets out of the car, Eddie follows him)
Eddie:(whispering) Hurry Foster.
Cade: The systemís got a triple backup. Iím not going to be able to shut it off completely.
Eddie: Then letís go home.
Cade: What I can do is give us a window. Put a breaker in the system for 20 seconds that should give me enough time to pick the lock.
Eddie: 20 seconds? Come on thatís not enough time Foster.
Cade: Eddie, youíre distracting me.(Eddie starts counting down from 15 by the time he reaches five Cade has opened the door and is going in)
Cade: So what are we looking for?
Eddie: You need a lot of energy to clone a human being. Youíre looking for a big room with a lot of noise.(Continuing on up some stairs the two search the premises which looks more like a storage facility than a lab. In the distance they hear machinery humming, cautiously they walk towards the noise. Eddie turns to look straight and stands stunned, Cade turns shortly. The two slowly turn and look at one another then back forward. Numerous, husk hang side by side all with a silver ors affixed to the machine. Cade and Eddie walk slowly down the aisle.)
Cade: Hell of a lot better looking than Lee Harvey Oswald.
(View seen by Amsa and two other alien via monitor)
Cade: Looks like paranoid times is about to increase its circulation, pal.
Eddie: Iíve waited twenty years to find evidence like this. Weíve got ourselves a room full of clones.
Amsa: We have to be careful, one of them has Joshuaís orb
Eddie: Listen to that sound. Man itís freaky.
Cade: Look they all have one of those golf balls.
Eddie: Why would they do this?
Cade: Think about it. If you were an advanced team of aliens sent here to spy. How would you get here? What if your planet was too far away to come here by ship. If you wanted to look like usÖbe us. What would you do? They infuse them with consciousness. Home grown aliens. Wonder where theyíre from.
Eddie: How long have they been here? And how many of these bodies have they sent into the world? Hundreds, thousands?
Cade: I donít know. But weíll find out soon enough once we get the cops swarming all over this place. Letís get out of here. (Eddie continues taking picture not noticing Cade is gone. An alien awakes and grabs Eddie smashing the camera with his foot.
Cade:(whispering up the steps)Eddie! Eddie.
A few aliens cross in front of Cade who hides behind some storage container. He finds a phone box and hooks it up so he can call the police.
Amsa:(Over the intercom) Turn around. You have a connection to this man. I have a connection to whatís in your possession. Give me the orb and youíll both go free.

Cade:(Into the camera)No deal thatís my only leverage.
Operator: 911 emergency operator, whatís your emergency. Whatís your emergency please?
Amsa: If you speak the operator you friend dies.
Operator: Hello, is anyone there?
Eddie: Get out of here Foster, get help.(cringes in pain)
Amsa: Hang up the phone Mr. Foster.
Operator: Your address please. Is anyone there?
Eddie: Give them the address Foster.
Eddie: Foster call the cops itís your only chance.
Amsa: Come here or I will kill him.
Operator: I canít send assistance without the address.
Amsa: Right now.
Operator: Is anyone there? Address please?
Amsa: I will kill your friend. I want the orb.
Operator: Please pick up the reÖ
(Cade unhooks the line an cautiously walks up the stairs. Holding the orb in one hand and a blow torch in the other he tosses the orb to the alien holding Eddie)
Cade: Go!(Eddie rushes past Cade as he sets the power box on fire)
Amsa: (screams) No!
(The fire caused the interruption in the transfers and fired the brains of the husk still dangling in their contraptions.)
Amsa: Disconnect the mainframe. (Alien husk fall to the ground)
Amsa: Override the transfer programming. No.
(The dying aliens howl and scream)
Amsa: Power down all systems.

(Back at the trailer)
Eddie: I had the computer scan some of these quatrains. Check it out.
Eddie: (reading) From leagues away shall they arrive and rain blind terror upon all men. An empty vessel for the soul the retched beauty sleeps no more.
Cade: Empty vessel. I mean weíre talking about the transfer.
Eddie: Nostradamus predicted this 400 years ago.
Cade: Thatís stretching it a bit donít you think.
Eddie: This is the real deal, Foster. Look thereís another prophecy I had scanned. Century 1 Quatrain 1. Nostradamus believes the destruction of Earth will come in three wave. Third wave: Armageddon. Second wave: Invasion from above.
Cade: and the first wave is already here.
Eddie: And if we stop the first wave. We can prevent the others. Says it all right here.
Cade: Does it say how?
Eddie: Actually, thereís one more thing. The page that was markedÖcentury 3 quatrain 18ÖOn the seventh dawn of the seventh dayÖ
Cade: Read it. How does one day have seven dawns, Eddie.
Eddie: Actually everyday has 24 dawns one for each time zone. Nostradamus wrote these puppies in France exactly seven time zones ahead of Chicago
Cade: Whatís your drift?
Eddie: Chicagoís your home town. He was talking about you.
Cade: Nostradamus is full of crap.
Eddie: No heís not. Youíre the twice-blessed man.
(Cade looks around in disbelief, picks up the book looks at it then hand it to Eddie)
Cade: Twice cursed is more like it. Hang onto that. Iíll call you. Thanks Eddie.
(Cade points to the mass head on the Paranoid Time: Believe the unbelievable, and smiles at Eddie then leaves. Cade walks along the beach alone.)
Cade: On the seventh dawn of the seventh day a twice-blessed man will roam the fields. Doomed to shadows with his brethren or savior to all who walk the ground. Journal entry number one; Whenever something weird is going on youíre gonna find Cade Foster. With the help of my friend Eddie Nambulous what I find will fill the pages of Paranoid Times. Maybe itíll be a rode map to other in the months and years ahead. Cause we got a long way to go if weíre gonna save this earth. We know they're here, they live in beautiful human shells. Maybe our race is too attracted to beauty to be able to spot the evil within. On my bad days I wonder if the human race is even worth saving but then I think of Hannah. We can beat them, believe in ourselves and each other. As my buddy Eddie says, ďSometimes madmen turn out to be prophetsĒ.

(Back at the cloning lab Amsa walks over to a husk hidden in the basement that hadnít been destroyed. His eyeís open and he removes the plugs from his head and steps down off the base holding his arms open to receive Amsa)
Amsa: Joshua.(hugging him)
Joshua: I am here.

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