The Lost Book of Nostradamus

Season 2

coming soon: season 2 transcripts

Quatrain 99 Century 1
Prophecy: Heed the call to the island of commerce but be watchfull of footsteps that lead unto battle. Look to the light to guide thee, the hacking blade has a double edge.
Episode: Target 117
Synapsis: Cade follows a string of emails to a man who claims to have been envolved in an alien experiment only to find himself caught in a Gua trap. The high council of Gua have sent one of their best operative to test the warrior capability of Cade.
Rating ***(Not a big fan of Sable but hey I'm not picky)

Quatrain 42 Century 5
Prophecy: When the sun burst forth at night, the life of a starwatcher is lost. But the truth revealed in the heavens is carried to a high magistrate.
Episode: Deepthroat
Synapsis: Cade and a political reporter join sides after following the clues of this quatrian that describes an astronomers death in order to expose a Senator who may or may not be human but definitley corrupt. Will Cade with the aid of the reporter finally expose the alien conspiracy?
Rating ****

Quatrain 54 Century 7
Prophecy: Iron horses blaze a vengeful trail, the first of many to follow. Their methods must be chartered, or liberty will fall.
Episode: The Apostles
Synapsis: Cade has found himself an army of bikers who swear allegiance to our hero's cause but are their methods too drastic for Cade.
Rating ***

Quatrain 23 Century 3
Prophecy: The two sighted will meet death in sleep, purged from the nightmare of a hidden enemy. Barricades protect spurious sleep, and the spectre is lanced with a common blade.
Episode: Susperience
Synapsis: Cade investigated a group of psychics funded by SETI(Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)after the suspicious death of one of the psychics and finds the Gua may have already infiltrated the group.
Rating***(I loved this episode. Something about being able to pin a man down like that is just...Oh! My hormones have taken off again.)

Quatrain 4 Century 9
Prophecy: She will rise from the dead with words of fortune on her lips. For one in need of purpose a dispatch to the twiced blessed man
Episode: The Channel
Synapsis: After being hit by a car a woman rises from the dead and begins reciting Nostradamus quatrains. Can Cade get to her before the Gua does?
Rating****(If anyone has had a bad day or just feeling down... This episode is for you. Ok so Cade Foster won't come visit you but there is always hope :)

Quatrain 18 Century 10
Prophecy: The town will not ring its cracked bell, for the hero has gone astray. The crimson banner lures the one and the many with each victory so will victory undo.
Episode: Red Flag
Synapsis: Cade infiltrates an elite military contest where only the best of the best compete for points and a red flag. The winner pretty much gets stationed anywhere he/she wants. The gua would jump at the chance to infiltrate the pentagon. Cade better step up and find out whose Gua and whose not or the whole race may fall behind.

Quatrain 43 Century 9
Prophecy: In the woods of Winchala, amnis lights the flame of affliction. Elders set the course, to choose wrongly will mean woe.
Episode: The Prayer for the White Man
Synapsis: Cade ventures to a Native American town where 90 Casino wants to start building. With a bounty hunter hot on his trail, Cade must find out whether the Gua are involved before the hunter gets too close.
Rating****(Graham Greene rocks!)

Quatrain Century
Episode: The Purge
Synapsis: Joshua and the Gua become victims of a "witch hunt" by a member of the Gua administator in order to single out human sympathizers.
Rating***Roger R. Cross was at the top of his game.

Quatrain 19 Century 4
Prophecy: A maiden cuts aloft from humanity, locked in a coffin of stone. Her ressurection a clue for the man twiced-blessed, till the fate of her soul has been sealed
Episode: Lost Souls
Synapsis: A woman is found inside the cement at a subway station. Her origins appear human but all is not what it seems. Cade comes to investigate in the guise of her nephew and fellow police officer and finds out there may be more people buried alive but realease them may do more harm than good.

Quatrain 29 Century 4
Prophecy: The weapon will fall upon cities, unless thieves deliver humanity from woe. The enemy of triump is intellect, for faculty failure requires sence anew.
Episode: The Heist
Synapsis: Cade reunites with some old friends to search for the Gua in this quatrain and finds nothing but mind games. If he doesn't figure out the Gua's rues in this jigsaw puzzle he may never wake up.
Rating****A wonderful way to do back story on a character we already know so well.

Quatrain 19 Century 11
Prophecy: Here the good river runs North, young fortunes are reversed in mock battle. Enslavement takes myriad forms, the key to them all is control.
Episode: Ohio Players
Synapsis: The Gua experiment on a highschool football team in order to gain control over human minds. What better way to control a slave then to think for him. A strange bee venom is partially to blame.
Rating**** Better get your epi pen ready if you're going to watch this one.

Quatrain 29 Century 7
Prophecy: Three rivers amidst iron wrought, barren ground shall be sowed once more. The hunter and the hunted are one, when shadows descend on the twiced-blessed man.
Episode: Night Falls
Synapsis: While getting chased around Pittsburg by the police and the Gua, Cade takes refuge in an apartment building with a mysterious woman who takes him in nervously.

Quatrain 66 Century 7
Prophecy: Here the waters are contained, nature's course is obstructed. And youth is imprisioned by devil's lightning, whose use shall tame the rival's ardor
Episode: Normal, Illinois
Synapsis: Cade investigates the mysterious death of several teenagers involved in sexual activity. The Gua are definitely suspect but is this unusual experiment intended to tame humans or their own kind.