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A van drives up to the Wilsonville Psychiatric Institute.
Dr1: Our analysis suggested that there were 117 psychological archetypes. We selected a human subject to fit each archetype. This is one seventeen, initial warrior capability rating was 8%. Of all the subjects why did this one last the longest? What does he have that the others donít? Subject will be purged this evening(outlines Cadeís forehead signaling the area to be cut)His brain will be dissected in the hopes of answering these questions.
Alien2: 19Ö 19Ö on the first day of invasion 19 million will die.

Scene changes to a flyover of Chicagoís business district.

Cade: Three days ago I had no idea that life as I knew it was about to end.(Inside a board room) Corporate espionage has jumped 134% in the last 5 years. In Nagasaki Japan Interpol investigators discovered and entire school devoted to training itís students to steal business secrets, your business secrets. The viceroy uplink is a nerve center that links all the security apparatus in the building.
Dray: Look I just spent 80 thousand dollars on new locks Mr. Foster.
Cade: 80 thousand dollarsÖ(Cade walks over to a nearby wall and leans down to get a better look at the lock) Goodwin! Pretty good locks, but the problem with Goodwin locks is they donít provide comprehensive security against the advanced industrial espionage we see today. Goodwin locks fine for your average run of the mill home security. But you wanna place your companyís security in the hands of an ordinary lock?(Cade knocks on a picture hanging on a nearby wall, then removes it to reveal a safe hidden behind it.) What do ya know, Goodwin safe locks. You guys went all out didnít ya? Again half way decent lock but the problem with the Goodwin safe lock as any thief will tell you is that they have occasional seem ruptures which make them a cinch to beat if you know what youíre doing.
Dray: Ridiculous that lock has TXTL60 rating.
Cade: No offence sir but the Titanic was rated the best ocean liner on its maiden voyage. If I could demonstrate?
Dray: Go ahead.
(Cade picks up a peace of art lying just below the safe)
Cade: I love modern art. (he uses piece of art to knock the lock right off and then uses his pen to open the damaged safe removing the document from it and hands them to the business man) Marketing plans for next years downsizing.
Dray: Lets see the uplink.
(Cade walks back to his briefcase at the opposite end of the table)
Cade: Gentleman, the uplink is a multi ban transceiver that links each security apparatus in your office to a central station.(He lifts the uplink out of his briefcase hallucinations kick in and Cade sees a severed head)
Head: 19.
(Cade looks back and forth from the uplink to the business men sitting at the board table until the hallucination had concluded)
Cade : the uplink will meet all of your security needs. Viceroy guarantees it.
Cade sits with his wife and friends at a cafť talking his strange ordeal.
Cade: Itís crazy, I mean Iíve had these hallucinations before, once in the park, once when I was driving, but never in a sales meeting.
Jennifer: Hallucinations? You sure you werenít having an acid flashback?(everyone laughs)
(Cade is scribbling 19 repetitively on a napkin)
Billy: So let me get this straightÖyou opened up your briefcase and pulled out a severed head dripping blood.
Cade: With a brown mustache and a scar beneath the eye.(Everyone laughs except Hannah his wife)
Jennifer: Whose head?
Cade: I donít know, never met the poor bastard before.
Billy: Whatíd ya do.
Cade: I told them I had lunch in the company cafeteria and the beef stew was acting up.(Everyone laughs) Well they bought the excuse and they bought the uplink.
Jennifer: (Raising a glass) Well, hereís to Cade, I always knew he was crazy.
Hannah: Excuse me. (Hannah gets up from the table and walks off)
Cade: Iíll be right back.(Cade follows her)
Waiter: Iím sorry Mr. Foster but your credit card isnít working.
Cade: Well it should be can you try it again?
Waiter: The credit service requested we destroy the card.
Cade: Iíll deal with it later.(He catches up to Hannah)
Hannah: Youíre a dope.
Cade: Tellin stories, got carried away.
Hannah: I donít think your hallucinations are material for a stand up routine.
Cade: Iím sorry Han.
Hannah: I talked to Mary, her uncleís chief of staff at North Western.
Cade: What could he tell me that five other specialists couldnít? Thereís no medical reason for these visions.
Hannah: He recommended someone at the Mayo clinic in Rochester.
Cade: Hannah I got a job remember.
Hannah: Take time off.
Cade: Doesnít happen all that often.
Hannah: You put the best face on ever situation and I love that about you but Iím scared.
Cade: Well donít be. Come on lets take a walk.
Hannah: What about them?
Cade: Theyíll survive.(They walk by a pond filled with geese)So, happy anniversary.(handing her a gift.)
Hannah: Youíre unbelievableÖ
Cade: Enough with the complements open it.
(Hannah opens a furry blue jewelry box to reveal a necklace inside with a latch hook picture frame for a charm and inside is a picture of her and Cade on one side and on the other an inscription that reads ďAlways CadeĒ)
Hannah: Itís beautiful.
Cade: Donít you remember that picture? Your old instamaticÖHow cold was it that day?
Hannah: AhhÖwe kept each other warm.
Cade: I owe you everything Hannah. You stood by when no one else would. I know itís rough right now but we made it before right(Hannah nods her head yes) and weíll make it again.(Hannah continues to nod her head and then reaches out and kisses Cade)

(Cade and Hannah dash from the red convertible to the walkway where Cade catches up to her a kisses her gently. They race to the front door and shortly find themselves in the bed room, making love.)
Hannah: I love you Cade.
(Feeling someone watching him Cade looks towards the end of the bed where a the man with the brown mustache and the scar beneath his eye stands Cade recedes in terror. Hannah notices his attention has gone astray turns see what is at the end of the bed by then the hallucination has faded away)
Hannah: Whatís wrong?
Cade: (Still staring in the same direction) Nothing, (hugging Hannah) Itís nothing. (The next day at Viceroy)
Birmingham: You can imagine my surprise when I received these by registered mail. Youíve had quite a colorful past.
Cade: Iíd be the first one to admit I was juvenile delinquent.
Birmingham: Thatís an understatement. (Reading from the papers in his hands)
Birmingham: Subject Cade Foster not yet of legal age is considered the best break and entry man in Cook county. Suspected of 37 highline thefts and 3 bank hold ups. Heís also an expert forger and a master of disguise. He uses no weapons but should b considered dangerous.
Cade: Thanks to my wife I turned my whole life around.
Birmingham: You lied on your viceroy application.
Cade: You never would have hired me otherwise. Iíve been one of your best employees because of my previous experience.
Birmingham: Some companies rely on the gimmick of having ex-thieves on their staff. Not this one. Weíre a fortune 500 company if this gets out you could cost us more jobs than you could ever hope to bring in.
Cade: Who sent those records?
Birmingham: Thatís none of your concern.
Cade: Those records were sealed by the county someoneís out to sabotage my career.
Birmingham: You werenít honest about your background. Cade youíve been one of our best employees but you let me down. Iím sorry, I have to let you go.
Cade: Who sent those records?
Birmingham: Thatís confidential.
Cade: You owe me that.
Birmingham: Iím sorry Cade.
Cade: Iím not leaving till I find out.
Birmingham: Do I have to call security?
(A security guard escorts Cade out of the building)

(Cade drive up to his house and walks up the walkway noticing footprint leading up to his door)
Cade: What theÖ(He runs up the steps to see his house in shamble, 19 in written on everything in red paint
Cade: Hannah? Hannah! Hannah, Hannah!( Cade runs through the house searching for Hannah picking up a hockey stick he hurries up the stairs, checks the bedroom and then kicks in the door of the bathroom. Hesitantly he proceeds into the bathroom and yanks back the shower curtain. Hannah who has been hiding in the shower screams)
Cade: Hannah, itís me. Itís okay, itís okay. (Hannah begins crying as he helps her out of the shower)
Cade: Itís me, itís Cade. Itís okay.
Hannah: I heard noises. I hide in here. I didnít know who was here.
Cade: Itís okay, itís okay.
Hannah: Who was in our house?
Cade: I donít know babe but Iím gonna get some answers.

(Cade is breaking into the Viceroy building)
Cade: (Talking to his lock picks) Hello sisters.
(The time counts down on the security lock on the door and finally stops at one and the doors open.)
Cade: Just like riding a bike.
(Inside Birminghamís office Cade finger through files until he comes upon his own. He removed the contents and sifts through it until he comes upon a policemanís business card which reads: Samuel Hitchens Detective Squad Metro City Police. Hannah turns on the lights in the as Cade tries to sneak in the front door of the house)
Hannah: You use to keep your tools in that bag. What was it this time a bank hold up or a jewelry heist?
Cade: Look HannahÖ
Hannah: We agree a long time ago that those tools were going in the garbage.
Cade: I had to find out who got me canned.
Hannah: I am terrified and you sneak out and leave me alone.
Cade: I got a security guard watching from across the street in his car and I got Charlie next door with a shot gun.
Hannah: Are you back in the game? Is that why people came to this house.
Cade: No, the person who sent my records to Viceroy was a cop his name is Samuel Hitchens.
Hannah: Cops were never your biggest fans.
Cade: Itís more than that Han, our credit cards donít work. I went to the bank machine it says we have a zero balance in out accounts. Someoneís out to tear our lives apart.
Hannah: But who? Who would do that to us?
Cade: I donít know but Sam Hitchens is tied to this and the first thing tomorrow Iím gonna find out what he knows.
(Cade hugs Hannah)
Cade: Iím gonna find out.

(Two mysterious characters a woman and a man watch Cade as he approaches the Hitchensí house from their moving car. Cade rings the door bell and a hysterical woman answers the door)
Mrs. Hitchens: Oh thank God youíre here.
Cade: Iím looking for Sam Hitchens.
Mrs. Hitchens: I called 911.
Cade: Well why? Whatís the matter.
Mrs. Hitchens: Heís locked himself in the room and he wonít come. And heís got a gun. Please, please help me.
(Cade looks around nervously)
Cade: Okay, okay.
(Mrs. Hitchens leads Cade up the stairs to the closed door.)
Mrs. Hitchens: Heís been acting crazy for weeks.
Cade: How so?
Mrs. Hitchens: He sees things visions. Itís driving him out of his mind. Sam please come out.
Sam: (from inside the room) Get away! Leave me alone.
Mrs. Hitchens: He thinks someoneís out to get him. Sam, come out.
Sam: Get away! I mean it.
Cade: Whoís out to get him.
Mrs. Hitchens: They stole our money. Maxed out our credit card. Got him fired from the force.
Cade: Who?
Mrs. Hitchens: Sam, thereís someone here that wants to talk to you.
Sam: What you let someone in?
Mrs. Hitchens: Heís nice man Sam. (She starts to cry)
Mrs. Hitchens: (to Cade) Please, please speak to him.
Cade: Sam? (A gun shot echoes from behind the closed door)
Mrs. Hitchens: (screaming) No, Sam!
(Cade runs up the remaining stairs and kicks in the door. Sam sits slumped over at in a chair near his desk)
Mrs. Hitchens: Sam!
(Cade signals her to wait then circles around the chair. He sees the gun still smoking and as the mans face come into view, Cade shrieks back in horror, Sam Hitchens was the man in his hallucinations. He shakes his head at the widow Hitchens and begins to sift through the papers on the desk. Millionaire committed to Wilsonville catches his eye. He steals Samís badge and leaves.

(Shortly after Cade pulls up to Wilsonville)
Orderly: We got him on restraints Detective Hitchens but Iíd be careful anyway. Two weeks ago, he bit a nurseís finger off. Right at the knuckle.
Cade: (posing as Hitchens) Iíll keep my hands to myself.
Orderly: Be right out here detective.
Cade: (to Mayhew) Courts ruled you were incompetent to stand trial.
Mayhew: Yes, Iím insane. (Laughs)
Cade: Funny thing about being insane is that I sure donít feel crazy.
Mayhew: Youíre no detective.
Cade: The man in my hallucinations was.
Mayhew: Who are you?
Cade: I read the newspaper, accounts of your arrest the things you said happened to you, are happening to me.
Mayhew: Hallucinations? When did they start?
Cade: Six months ago. A manís face, couldnít get it out of my head. I watch that same man commit suicide not more than an hour ago.
Mayhew: They seem to have connected us to one another. I donít know how. TheyÖ they watch us you know. They know every detail of our lives. I suggest you check your house for surveillance cameras.
Cade: Who are they Mr. Mayhew?
Mayhew: I wasnít sure, at first. Thought it might be a rival cooperation. Then, 37 million dollars disappeared from my business account. I sent a team of seventy-five men to track these bastards and grind them into the ground.
Cade: What did they find?
Mayhew: Clues as to the identity of those who would destroy us. Iíve hidden the clues. (signaling Cade to come closer)
Mayhew: Buried at the center of the maze behind my house. Under the ruby red eye. Red(Mayhew laughs hysterically)
Cade: Who are they?
Mayhew: Theyíre the aliens.
Cade: Aliens? (Mayhew nods his head)
Cade: You didnít say anything about aliens at your trial.
Mayhew: Well, what purpose would that have served?
Cade: Why did you kill your family Mr. Mayhew?
Mayhew: (shaking his head and hyperventilating) TheyÖthey were imposters.(looking up suspiciously at Cade)
Mayhew: Who sent you here?
Cade: No one.
Mayhew: They sent you, to kill me didnít they?
Cade: Iím here to help Mr. Mayhew.
Mayhew: No, youíre one of them. Youíre one of them! Heís one of them! Stop it.
Heís an alien! Heís an alien!(Mayhew jumps out of his char at Cade)
Mayhew: Heís an alien! (The orderlies come in to sedate Mayhew and the mysterious man from the car outside Hitchens house walks by the room behind Cade.

(Cade begins searching the house for surveillance cameras)
Hannah: Why canít you let the police handle this?
Cade: The cops were crawling all over this place after what happened the other night. They got any hot leads?
Hannah: No.
Cade: No. You want something doneÖyou have to do it yourself.
Hannah: What the hell are you doing?
Cade: Mayhew said there were surveillance cameras.
Hannah: Cade, I want you to see the specialist in Rochester. Iíll go with you.
Cade: Weíre broke remember.
Hannah: My parents said theyíd lend us the money.
Cade: You told your mother about this?
Hannah: What was I suppose to do? Uh, howís Cade? Oh heís fine mom heís out back checking the light sockets for tiny surveillance cameras.
(Hannah follows Cade upstairs)
Hannah: Sweetheart youíre really scaring me.
Cade: Hannah. Whatís happening with me has got nothing to do with specialist or head shrinks. This is some kind of conspiracy.
Hannah: A conspiracy? Aimed at you and some crazy millionaire murderer.
Cade: Mayhew was out of his gourd but we both had the visions.( Cade pulls the faucet on the sink of looks at and throws it aside.)
Hannah: You are talking about a man who slaughtered his family in cold blood.
Cade: He said he had clues to their identity buried in the maze behind his house.(he climbs into the tub)
Hannah: Cade?
Cade: Hannah, I know Iím grasping at straws here but I donít know what else to do.
Hannah: Go to Rochester. If you donít I am not sure how much more of this I can take.
(Cade slowly looks up at the shower head)
Cade: Hannah the shower always drips.
Hannah: What?(she walks over to Cade)
Cade: Ever since we bought this place there wasnít a single plumber who could fix it.
Hannah: Cade, what are you talking about?
Cade: Drip, drip. You could set your watch by it. (Hannah grabs his arm)
Cade: So why isnít the shower dripping?
Hannah: Stop! Cade, please stop this. (Cade grabs something and removes the shower head)
Hannah: Stop itÖ (Cade yanks out shower head to reveal a tiny camera)
Hannah: Oh my God.
Cade: Mayhew was right. Weíre on candid camera.

(Outside Mayhewís house Cade and Hannah maneuvers the maze to find the center)
Cade: He said the clues were buried in the center of the maze under the ruby red eye.
Hannah: So whereís the center then?
Cade: I think itís this way.
(They arrive at the center)
Hannah: What now?
(Cade circles the center)
Cade: We start digging. Thereís something here.(Hannah joins Cade digging around the base of the tree. Underneath the dirt are cement plates. Hannah uncover the ruby red eye)
Hannah: Cade. The ruby red eye.(Cade digs around the exterior of the square and then lifts it to reveal an even deeper hole with a metal box in it, inside the contents are covered in cloth. Cade uncovers the article to reveal a book with the same ruby red eye affixed on the cover. The inside page reads ďNostradamus, 1564Ē
Hannah: Nostradamus?(Cade finds a page book marked)
Cade: Mayhew marked this page.( he turns to the page)
Hannah: Cade, wake up. Mayhewís crazy. If you wanna read Nostradamus pick up a copy of the National Enquirer.
Cade: (reading)Quatrain 18 Verse 6...
Hannah: This place scares me.
Cade: (reading) On the seventh dawn of the seventh day, a twice-blessed man will roam the fields. Doomed to shadows with his brethren or savior to all who walk the ground.
Hannah: Letís get out of here.
Cade: He marked this passage for a reason. I wanna ask him what it means.
Hannah: No.
Cade: Please Hannah.
Hannah: No.
Cade: Last chance, weíve got to get back to Mayhew.

(Cade and Hannah arrive at Wilsonville just as the orderlies are rolling out Mayhewís body)
Dr1: Youíre the detective who visited Mr. Mayhew the other day.
Cade: Yesterday, he didnít seem suicidal.
Dr1: He had an acute schizo-paranoid disorder. Suicide is extremely common.
Cade: He leave a note? Any indication why?
Dr1: Obviously we donít leave writing implements within the patients reach.
Cade: Do you mind if I take a look?
Dr1: Be my guest.(The doctor walks off)
Cade: (to Hannah) Stay here. (Cade goes into Mayhewís room)
Hannah: Okay, detective. (As she turns, Hannah notices two doctors headed her way. The man and the woman from the car in front of Hitchenís house walk suspiciously toward Hannah. Cade looks around Mayhewís room feeling on the white padded walls. Outside the mysterious doctors continue their path toward Hannah. Cade walks over to Mayhewís chair and sits down feeling along the arm rest. Hannah turns just in time to see the doctors coming up right behind her. Cade notices a string hanging down from one of the arm rests and pulls on it to release a rolled up piece of material. He unrolls the material to reveal red lettering which reads: #19 Haven St.)
Cade: Hannah, the number nineteen has been in my head. Itís been on the walls of our house and now this. Thereís some significance, I got to check it out. Hannah: Enough, I have been humoring your detective work all day. Go to Haven St and I wonít be there when you get home.
Cade: Okay, okay weíll call the cops.
Hannah: I donít want to go back to the house. No way.
Cade: Then weíll uhÖweíll get a motel room. Weíll figure out what to do next. Okay. (Hannah nods her head)
Cade: Okay, come on.

(At the Blue Bird motel)
Cade: (on the phone with the police)File a report. Get it I wanna file a report.
(Hannah come out of the bathroom and looks skeptically at Cade)
Cade: Okay, okay. Iíll be in to see a desk sergeant tomorrow.(he hangs up the phone and contemplates for a second)
Hannah: Why didnít you try to explain?
Cade: Explain what? That a suicidal maniac left me an address.(Cade sits on the bed beside Hannah.
Hannah: So what are we going to do?
Cade: Iím putting you on a plane to Seattle. Go see your parents. Iíll call the FBI try and launch an official investigation.
Hannah: Iím not leaving without you.
Cade: Hannah, youíre going.
Hannah: No Iím not.
Cade: Iím scared. Iím more scared than Iíve ever been in my whole life. Iíve lost everything else, I ainít gonna lose you. For your own safety Iím putting you on a lane first thing in the morning.
Hannah: If you insist. (Cade looks at her warily)
Hannah: Whatís wrong?
Cade: Nothing?
Hannah: Are you alright? Youíre looking at me so strangely.
Cade: Yeah, yeah, no, itís nothing. Everythingís going to be alright. I promise.(He reaches for the necklace he gave her but she grabs his hand away and proceeds to kiss him)
Hannah: Cade I need you.(Cade lets go of the necklace and rolls over on top of her while kissing her softly. Hannah begins to moan as Cade notices something moving from beneath her skin.)
Cade: Hannah?
(Hannah moans even louder as tentacles burst from beneath her skin and wrap around Cadeís arms and neck. He snatches the locket off her neck just as he loses consciousness. The tentacles recede as Cade hits the floor. Alien Hannah leaves the room and joins her comrades the male and female doctor. As they remove the real Hannah from the trunk the alien Hannah gets in the car. Cade wakes to find his Hannah lying on the floor motionless.
Cade: Hannah? Han?( He kneels down and opens the locket he removed from the other Hannah. It is empty while the one on the lifeless body retains the inscription and the picture. He pulls the real locket off Hannah and then collects her in his arms crying profusely and rocking back and forth on the floor.
Cade: Hannah, no!(police sirens are heard as a car screeches to a stop.)
Cade: No!!!!(The police break down the door and enter with guns drawn)
Cop1: Sir move away.
Cade: (crying) Stay away from me.
Cop1: Move away, nice and slow.
(Cade still crying gently lays Hannah down and stands. The cop throws him his clothes. Cop1: Letís go put on your clothes. Youíre coming with us.(The other cop checks Hannahís pulse while Cade puts on his pants.)
Cop2: Sheís dead. (Cade pulls his shirt over his head still crying almost hysterically after the comment, rushes the cop standing by the door punching him in the face knocking him to the floor then turning and kicks the other cop onto the bed, grabs his keys and his shoes and drives away. The cops get up, leave the room and fire several shots at Cadeís car. Cade races towards his destination: 19 Haven St.
Once there he grabs a flashlight and points it at the sign. He enters the warehouse walking through the halls until he reaches a metal door. Inside are hundreds of pictures of people the room is lit with a strange white light. There is a humming voice as Cade searches the room finally coming to subject 110, Mayhew. He reads the picture which has statistics such as his occupation and his eventual demise, mental incapacitation. Cade snatches the picture and looks for others that he might know. Nearby is Samuel Hitchens, and self elimination is stamped in his. Cade takes this one also. As he walks further down the isle he comes upon his own picture, subject 117, stamped in progress. Cade exits the warehouse as police cars pull up to stop him. Instead of running he stands there in amazement
Cop: (drawing his gun)Donít make a move. Put the flashlight down!
OtherCop: Hands behind your back.
Cade: Itís a test, proofís inside 19.
Cop: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
Cade: Look at the pictures. Look at the God damn pictures. The cop looks at the picture and shows them to Cade as he tosses them aside. The pictures have faded to lines of black ink.
Cade: No!!! No!!
Cop: You have a right to an attorney.
Cade: Look inside! Look inside!
Cop: If you can not afford an attorney one will be appointed to you.
Cade: Oh, God youíre one of them. Youíre an alien!

(Cade is being dragged from the court room by corrections)
Bailiff: The jury has found that Kincaid Lawrence Foster guilty of the murder of Hannah Foster. It is the opinion of this court that Mr. Foster be committed to the Wilsonville Psychiatric Institute.
(As the van holding Foster dives away a woman watches. She wears a ring with a red eye affixed in the center of a triangle. The same symbol affixed on the Nostradamus book.

A van drives up to the Wilsonville Psychiatric Institute.
Orderly: (to Cade) Open. (he pours pills into Cadeís mouth)
Orderly: Swallow. ( the orderly leaves, by the door stands the Doctor that spoke to Cade when Mayhew died and two other men in business suits)
Dr1: Our analysis suggested that there were 117 psychological archetypes. We selected a human subject to fit each archetype. This is one seventeen, initial warrior capability rating was 8%. With most of the subjects mental breakage was achieved by programming hallucinations with our psychotropic drugs thereby destroying the emotional center of their world, family, friends, business. With 117 however, even our most radical procedure, purging his wife, only seemed to strengthen his resolve. Our use of the subjects wife was quite clever. We grew a genetic duplicate with generous helpings of our own DNA. Of all the subjects 117 was the only one to reach our proverbial finish line at 19 Haven. His reward, the brief knowledge that he was a minion in our experiment. The experiment as you know was a test of human will in the face of cruel adversity. One, one seven has taught us human will can occasionally surprise. Of all the subjects why did this one last the longest? What does he have that the others donít? Subject will be purged this evening(outlines Cadeís forehead signaling the area to be cut)His brain will be dissected in the hopes of answering these questions.
Alien1: Good work doctor.
Dr1: No, gentleman give credit to 117, he final warrior probability rating was 97%
Alien1: Really.(the doctor nods his head)
Alien1: If they were more like him, these humans might stand a chance. Iíll report your findings to the council. What did they call him?
Dr1: They called him Cade Foster.
Alien2: 19Ö 19Ö on the first day of invasion 19 million will die.
Dr1: Now let me show you subject 56. The tobacco lobbyist. He became mentally unhinged in only two weeks.(They leave Cade)
Alien1: This is very interesting, donít you think?
(Walking down the hallway we see Mr. Birmingham, Cades boss. When heís sure the men are gone Cade sits up and reveals the pills still on his tongue. Spitting them to the floor he picks the lock on his handcuffs)
Dr1: Good work.
Mrs. Hitchens: (also alien)Thank you .
(Cade kneels down by the door lock, a Goodwin Lock he smiles devilishly. Easily picking the lock. Sneaking from behind the door he runs down the corridor but is spotted shortly by another alien. The two fight but Cade surprises the aliens with several punches. Shoving the creature aside he opens a door that leads downstairs, but alarms go off and the three that were in Cadeís room earlier run back to see what the commotion is.)
Alarm: Warning security alert.
(Cade elbows the alien and throws him down the stairs. The three men arrive at Cadeís room and one of the oneís wearing business suits goes in looks around and storms off. The doctor goes in and in the chair Cade has left them a note written in orange pills that simple says: 19. Cade runs down the remaining stairs and notices a camera hanging on the wall above. He points at it.
Cade: I know youíre here.(Cade burst out the front door and runs off. The aliens play the tape back several times with Cade pointing saying;
Cade: I know youíre here.
Cade: I know youíre here.
Cade: I know youíre here.

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